Frequently Asked Questions

  • Tell me about Lazy K Ranch?

    In 1958 Mike Knapp registered the Lazy K brand with the state of California and started running cows in the Fresno area. In the fall of 1959, while attending Fresno State, Mike met a young "aggie" named Sherry. Mike knew from that day on, she would be his partner in their future cattle business. Sherry even owned her own cow named Bernadine but little did Mike know they would also end up in the horse business. According to Sherry, "Early on, we were having trouble finding good horses that could gather cattle off of 45,000 thousand acres at elevations up to 6,500 ft, so we started raising our own and one thing just led to another".

    Nearly 60 years later, Mike & Sherry along with their children and grandchildren are still running cattle in the San Joaquin Valley and Sierra Nevada Mountains as well as operating an extensive horse operation. Lazy K Ranch has become known for its unique pairing of good-minded, athletic working mares with the best ranch and performance horse bloodlines in the country. When you see a horse with a Lazy K on its hip, you know that horse can do an honest day's work and carries the bloodlines from some of the top money earners, including High Brow Cat, Shinning Spark, Peptoboonsmal, Kay Cee Leagure, Doc O Lena and Peppy San Badger.

  • How did Lazy K Ranch's Annual Pick A Colt Day Production Sale get started?

    Unable to find a reliable source of quality horses for the stock operation, Sherry Knapp, the matriarch of Lazy K Ranch's horse program, purchased the ranch's first AQHA stallion and then searched the west coast for cow bred mares with good conformation to cross him on. Before long, word spread and friends and neighbors were asking if they could purchase horses right off the ranch. One thing lead to another and in 1982 Lazy K Ranch held its first annual Pick A Colt Day Production Sale.

  • How does Pick A Colt Day work?
  • What are the ages of the horses offered?

    A majority of the horses offered at Pick A Colt Day will be 6-7 months old and quite growthy. There may also be some younger foals in the sale that can stay on the mare until they are old enough to wean. In addition to the weanlings and yearlings, we occasionally have two year olds, started two year olds, started three year olds, brood mares, brood mares with foals and/or bred back, and older kids horses for sale.

  • Are the horses registered?

    All of the horses we raise are registered or are eligible to be named and registered by you.

  • What are the breeds of horses offered?

    AQHA-American Quarter Horses, APHA-American Paint Horses.

  • What types of Quarter Horses will be offered?

    Lazy K Ranch has become known for its unique pairing of good-minded, athletic working mares with the best ranch and performance horse bloodlines in the country, including High Brow Cat, Shinning Spark, Peptoboonsmal, Kay Cee Leagure, Doc O Lena and Peppy San Badger.

  • What are some of the colors available?

    There is usually a little bit of everything. Browns, Blacks, Bays, Sorrels, Buckskins, Palominos, Blue Roans, Bay Roans, Red Roans and the occasional Grullo.

  • Does Lazy K Ranch 5 panel test?

    Lazy K Ranch is taking a very proactive approach to genetic testing. Every horse offered for sale at the upcoming Pick A Colt Production Sale will have their 5 panel genetic evaluation clearly listed in the catalog description.

  • What is a 5 panel test?

    The 5-panel is a test for five different genetic diseases found in quarter horses and other stock horse breeds. The panel includes testing for GBED (glycogen branching enzyme deficiency), HERDA (hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia), HYPP (hyperkalemic periodic paralysis), MH (malignant hyperthermia) and PSSM (polysaccharide storage myopathy). A few of our colts and fillies carry a recessive GBED gene which will not affect the health of the horse itself. GBED is only a problem if two horses carrying GBED are mated together, in which case there is a 50% chance of a still born foal.

  • What kind of mares are these colts and fillies out of?

    Our mares are not only registered with the American Quarter Horse Association, when she is not raising a foal, Lazy K mares have a job. Whether in the show ring or ranch work in the San Joaquin Valley or gathering cattle from a mountain side in the High Sierras at elevations over 7,000ft, Lazy K mares work for a living. The kind of work that takes a level head, good legs and big heart.

    Then when you combine these traits with world class genetics, it is easy to see why Lazy K mares are more than just a pretty face. They are the legacy of a decades old breeding program that perpetuate horses with confidence, soundness, trainability and a superior disposition. Qualities they naturally pass on to their foals.

  • How do you decide which mares and stallions should be bred together?

    First, only our best mares make it into our breeding program. We start by looking at the traits of each mare and then cross her on the stallion that best compliments her. We consider qualities like disposition, breedability, trainability and conformation (good legs & feet, good withers & back, small head, big eyes). 40 years of experience also helps.

  • Can you send me a Sales Catalog?

    A preliminary online catalog is available in early March with photo and description updates in April. Printed catalogs will be available after the gates open at 8:15 a.m. on sale day but if you wish to have a catalog that includes photos, we recommend you print out the online catalog and bring it with you.

  • Can I see prices before the sale?

    On Friday, the day before Pick A Colt Day, the exact price of each horse will be uploaded to our online catalog. To get an idea of the prices before then, click the Horses For Sale link and log into our Interactive Online Data Base. There you will be able to sort the sale horses by price range. (Please note this is based on a preliminary price and that the horse's final price may be in a different price range.) Last year's catalog is also available online which is a good representation of the prices you can expect this year.

  • Can horses be previewed before Pick A Colt Day?

    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, horses will not be available for in-person previews prior to the online sale but we will be offering several live webcasts. Not only will the webcasts give you a "behind the scenes" look at how our horses are raised but also an opportunity to interact with members of our family who work with these horses everyday. We are also more then happy to answer questions over the phone.

  • What forms of payments are accepted?

    Visa, MC & Discover. Sorry, we no longer accept checks.

  • How do I get my registration papers?

    Your registration papers will be mailed to you after the sale.

  • What kind of training do the yearlings receive before the sale?

    In preparation for the sale, great care is taken to show each yearling how to greet their handler, lead, stand tied, pick up their feet and load into a trailer. Elements of a much larger training program Tom Dorrance helped us set up years ago. Even with this foundation in place, like any young horses, one should always use good "horse sense" when working with them.

  • Does a halter come with my horse?

    Yes, your horse will be haltered when you pick him or her up.

  • Is there someone available to help load my horse?

    Yes, we will load your horse for you.

  • What if I cannot take my horse with me the day of the sale?

    If at all possible, we suggest you take your horse home within a day of purchase so that it may get settled in. You may, however, leave your horse for 48 hours after purchase with no extra charge. If longer, board will be charged at the rate of $5.00 per day. After 30 days from purchase, board charges will be renegotiated. Board charges do not apply to foals staying on mares.